In the same way that an animal can be someone’s pet, a man can be in a very similar position. He will then, like the animal, be just about out of touch with his instincts and it won’t be difficult to control him.

The difference is that while the animal will primarily be controlled at home, the man can be controlled in both the home and the outside world. When he is at home, he can be controlled by his partner or his friend/s, or whoever he lives with.

An Object

Once he has left this environment and goes into the real world, he can end up being controlled by his boss and colleagues. On top of all this can be the control that the government exerts on him.

As to who he will have control over, he may have a dog or cat but even if he has a cat, he probably won’t have much control over it. If anything, this could be seen as an animal that will have a greater level of freedom and self-expression than him.





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